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Established in 1976 OFA specialises in delivering exceptional technical expertise and superior customer service to oil and gas companies lacking the resources to maintain in-house well engineering and project management capabilities. OFA prides itself on delivering fit for purpose integrated well engineering and project management solutions. OFA’s core expertise in;

  • Onshore, platform & jack-up well planning and design
  • Onshore, platform & jack-up drilling and completions execution and management
  • Onshore access and site construction
  • Regulatory approvals
  • Cost estimation
  • Independent advice to non-operated venture participants

OFA’s Philosophy

OFA’s philosophy is to provide a truly independent service based on exceptional technical expertise, close working relationships and a genuine care for your asset. OFA is a culturally diverse company with a proven record in the industry for its in-depth knowledge and best practices. We use that expertise to provide maximum value throughout the project.

Quality and Safety

Safety is our number one priority. OFA regularly operates projects in isolated and difficult areas and is committed to the elimination of any accidents, physical or environmental, while manage the service within its client quality management system and limitations.

The OFA Team

The OFA multi-disciplined team is structured in consultation with our client.  Each team member experience, capabilities and strategic fit with the project is discussed and agreed to ensure the delivery of the highest quality service. Core team members are fluent in French and English and capable of working within the EU.

Executed Services & Projects:

OFA with a Drilling Contractor background and 26 years as a Consultant has executed a wide range of Well Engineering and Project Management services in diverse environments and locations within Australia and Internationally. These include;

  • Desert-flat & sand dunes, jungle and shallow water operations
  • Jack-up, platform and monopod operations
  • Operating inside national parks and nature reserves
  • Regulatory approval preparation, submission and follow-up
  • Waste management planning and implementation
  • Access, site construction and rehabilitation management
  • Contractor tender evaluation
  • Well cost estimation
  • Logistics Management
  •  Managing operations at the rig site
  • Under-balance drilling using air, gas, nitrogen or light oil with drilling rigs and/or coiled tubing
  • Directional, horizontal and extended reach well planning and execution
  • Barefoot, slotted liner, sand screen, gravel pack completions
  • Open hole and cased hole drill stem testing planning and execution
  • Work over, well re-entry and abandonment planning and execution
  • CO2 sequestration well analysis and planning
  • Conventional and slim-hole coring
  • Drilling of large diameter hole (60” to 80” ~1000m)
  • Drilling rig inspection and drilling contractor evaluation
  • Subsea development well planning and execution
  • Platform Drilling Rig Design & FEED 







Geothermal Power

Technical Support



Legal Dispute

Technical Expert


Western Australia

Decommissioning of a live well completed in 1974. 1st phase to free surface valves and  2nd phase to unconventionally kill & plug the well

Project & Field Management


Western Australia

Production Platform decommissioning and removal

Cost estimation to abandon the wells and remove the platform

Finder Exploration

Western Australia

Shale Oil Appraisal

Audit Civil Engineering (appraisal drilling program cancelled)

Latent Petroleum

Australia – Perth Basin

Warro Gas Project

Technical Support -

Finder Exploration

Australia -Canning Basin

Shale Oil continuous coring

Project Management



Exploration & Appraisal

PNG Drilling Operation Manager

Hess Exploration

NT - Australia

Onshore Exploration Programme

Technical Support -



Shwe Natural Gas Project -Subsea & platform rig design

Drilling Manager


Barrow / Thevenard Island PNG

Infield onshore & offshore development- Feasibility studies -CO2 Sequestration

Planning & Field Management


Australia – Carnarvon Basin

Wandoo Platform Redevelopment

Senior Drilling Engineer


Australia – Otway Basin

Gas plant water injector

Planning & Field Management



Joint Venture


Ausam Resources

Australia – Perth Basin - QLD

Underbalance projects -Conventional and CT

Projects - Field Management- Observer


Indonesia - Seram Island  

Underbalance wells

Site Supervision

Premier Oil

Albania /Pakistan / Cuba

Exploration & Development

In- Country Project Manager

FAR Limited

Australia- Carnarvon Basin

Jack-up Exploration -


New Zealand Oil and Gas

Taranaki Basin - NZ

Deviated wells- single drilling site

Drilling Co-ordinator

Pan-Pacific Petroleum

Western Australia


Project & Field Management

Doral Resources

Western Australia

Tubridgi Field -Development

Project & Field Management

Carnarvon Petroleum

Western Australia

Exploration -conventional / slim-hole

Project & Field Management

Hardman Resources

Australia -Perth Basin- and Italy


Project & Field Management

Crusader Resources

Australia – QLD - Victoria


Project & Field Management

Amadeus Petroleum

Australia - Amadeus Basin

Exploration Slim-hole

Project Management

Slim-drill Contractor

R&D project

Slim-hole state of the art drilling rig

Commercial – Technical -Contract

Santos / Ampolex / Mosaic / Gas and Fuel Victoria

Australia – QLD / Victoria

Exploration & Development

Conventional - Underbalance

Site Supervision